The Self-Heating Lunchbox

Our product


Heats up to 3x per charge. Eat multiple times a day or heat up longer if you are a big eater.


Check how long you need to heat your type of food and look up delicious recipes.


No more dry microwaved meals, every meal will taste as a freshly cooked meal’


Lightweight and easy to carry along. It will fit in your sportsbag, suitcase or backpack.


Don’t throw away leftovers, reduce plastic waste and save money.

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Meet our team

Amit Jaura
Amit Jaura
Co-Founder (CEO)
Amit is our marketing nerd and the brain behind Heatbox. Feel free to contact Amit if you have any questions about our campaigns or if you have any media/marketing-related questions.
Kevin de Krieger
Kevin de Krieger
Co-Founder (COO)
Kevin is our sales guru and also responsible for the external communication. Feel free to contact Kevin if you have inquiries or if you want to talk about future business opportunities and partnerships.
Dennis Giezeman
Dennis Giezeman
Co-Founder (CPO)
Dennis is our technical entrepreneur. He is responsible for the technical vision, sales and design of our products. Feel free to contact Dennis if you want to connect for future technical opportunities.
Michael Kasbergen
Michael Kasbergen
Co-Founder (CTO)
Michael is our technical genius and responsible for a non-explosive Heatbox. No seriously, Michael is the guy who gave you the opportunity to steam your delicious meal easily and safe. Please do not contact Michael, he is too busy, always.